Thursday, June 28, 2012

Long time no blog!

I am really wanting for my blog to get out there for lots of people to see. Do I think I'm interesting, not really, but I do feel like we have a lot to share and I'm turning into a "crunchy" mama so it could help a lot of people. MJ on the other hand is as creamy as they come. He wants to spray chemicals in the yard, I want to use vinegar and water to kill weeds, he wants to kill ants with poison, I want to use borax and syrup.. You get the point. We, well I, recently jumped on the Cloth Diapering band wagon a few months back and it is A LOT easier then I ever imagined. A lot of people still think its pins and plastic pants, which it could be if you wanted it to be but there are SO many other options! Enough about that, I will do a post about that later in the week. We are heading out this weekend for a trip up north to visit my family and beat the heat here in the mid-west (it's suppose to be 106F today!). Please follow us, like us, comment for us and I promise I will update AT LEAST once a week, hopefully more!

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