Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Official Post!!

I recently read a blog by a fellow BBC member and thought, what a great idea to keep family up to date on what it is going on in our lives! So here we are! I am sure MJ won't be writing much, if at all but I will try (key word, try) to write at least every other day but for sure once a week.

Christmas was a busy time to say the least. We spent Christmas Eve with MJ's parents, Christmas morning at our house and Christmas evening with the whole clan. M was very blessed to say the least. I asking M last night if he wanted to get rid of some of his toys to make room for the new ones! MJ and I were blessed as well, and we are looking forward to a exiciting new year. M will turn 1 in February and it seems like he was just born! He has grown up WAY to fast, but we are enjoying watching him grow and become such a handsome, caring and playful boy!

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