Tuesday, November 13, 2012

House progress.. slow going

We closed on our construction loan late August/early September and we are just now getting around to getting started. Hopefully it will be a fast and smooth process from here on out! Watching your thoughts and ideas come to life on paper is pretty cool so I can't wait to see it getting built!

 Now this has been a year in the making since MJ and I had a hard time deciding what we want, what size, where to build, etc. We ended up looking at 2 houses our builder previously built and fell in love with the 2nd although it was larger then what we thought we wanted. 400 square feet larger which = $$$$. We made a few changes like making the master closet A LOT bigger, moving the 2nd bath and making the kids bedrooms bigger. We (well, I) cannot wait to start decorating and picking stuff out! I think MJ will let me do whatever I want as long as we stay in budget. Speaking of that, look at this shower curtain.. umm.. amazing isn't even the right word!

This beaut is from Anthropologie and is a little pricy at $118. I thought about asking my MIL to sew it for me (well the boys, it will be for their bathroom in much manlier colors if that's possible) but MJ thought it might be a tad labor intensive, although she is an amazing sewer and could do it, she works full time so maybe he is right. To drop the cash or not.....

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